Electric Vehicle charging solutions for commercial
real estate.

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Meet the Clean-E Charger

Introducing our newest commercial EV charger. Sleek in design, simple to use, stand out from the crowd with Clean-E. Increase your property's value, connect with us.

Revenue Boost

of revenue collected from
the Clean-E goes to the
property owner.


System Reliability means
the Clean-E works correctly,
every time.

OpEx Savings
$1,000 per year

the Clean-E cord retraction
system prevents ongoing
maintenance costs.

Happy Tenants

of the 200+ EV drivers we have spoken
to, 100% have had a bad experience with
current EV charging stations.

Easy Installation
30 minutes

to install the Clean-E
once on-site preparation
is complete.

Buy American Compliant
Raleigh, NC

is our home, with a local
manufacturing and
assembly facility.

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Level 2 Charging

Our chargers run at level 2, ensuring you can
deliver fast charging to all your customers.

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